“Heart Heals, experientially strengthened my belief in the power of therapeutic art as a Licensed Professional Counselor. The supportive, encouraging facilitation by Jennifer created a safe environment for me to not only witness, but participate in authentic expression. I was not only inspired, but also enlightened through this wonderful experience.”

Jim Ward, MSMFT
Director of Marketing and Admissions
Capstone Treatment Center


“I attended the Heart Heals workshops initially out of curiosity, but I soon found the process very thought provoking and encouraging. Jennifer has a way of making anyone feel comfortable, which made for a safe place to explore thoughts and feelings through the medium of color. Fortunately no talent for painting is necessary.”

Roxanne Maroney
Pastoral Counseling


“I was able to vulnerably express my truth in a safe place. I would go again in a heartbeat.”



“Jennifer has an amazing ability to connect and support her clients as they are revealing their hearts and souls through their artwork. Her professionalism is only matched by her passion for art, the journey to healing, and compassion for those on the journey. She uses her ability to join in the moment of pain to usher you into a moment of clarity. I strongly recommend HEart HEALS and look forward to continuing to work with Jennifer in the future to bring people to another level of healing.”

Jessica Kirkpatrick, MSMFT
Therapist, Capstone Treatment Center


“The power that came up, of my using the paint, to express my feelings in a safe, non-judgemental, lovingly shepherded manner with Jennifer allowed me a freedom I have not experienced in many years of “talk therapy.” The insight and deep connection between my head and my heart are still be felt! I only have one criticism and that is if only I could do this “therapy” weekly!”



“I definitely enjoyed all aspects of it but you did an outstanding job at making us feel that we wouldn’t be judged. Many of us would have been significantly more reserved had we felt threatened that we may have been judged either by you, your staff or one another. Also, the meditation breathing and ambient music was awesome, definitely set the tone! The project really helped put my life and my situations into a healthy perspective and set a grateful tone for the remainder of the day! I absolutely believe that art can be very therapeutic to those in and out of recovery. Although I will admit I had my doubts going into it. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone and everyone that I believe would benefit from it and we cannot wait to do it again.”

Resident at New Life Spirit Sober Living


“I wanted to let you know about the impact the last class had on me. For the first time in my life I was able to really let go. It’s really affected me at work and in everyday living. I’m definitely feeling less stress and anxiety. Trusting the process everyday…I feel like its a concept I’m just really finally getting. Helping me learn how to calm down and relax. I wanted to thank you, I really appreciate it. I feel like I have come to a huge milestone.”



“This was such a positive experience. I never knew I could “make” something on canvas. I loved it. I went in anxious and left feeling safe and good about myself and where I’m at.”



“You were wonderful and the men loved you. They told me they were able to see themselves in a different perspective and they like what they saw. You are bringing out the best in gentlemen who need big time encouragement.”

Frank McGeoy
New Life Spirit Sober Living


“I loved the way Jennifer gave us a new language to not only express our hearts, but discover them. There was so much more there than I even realized and it was very encouraging to experience the insights in such a safe community.”

Julie Barrios, MA
Spiritual Director
Metamorpha Ministries


“This was exactly what I needed. I loved seeing the ways the other participants used the experience to express what they were feeling. It felt to me like 10 minutes had passed and it had been 3 hours.”



“It was an excellent opportunity to process the loss in a new way; I tend to be “in my head” all the time, I like words, journaling, reading and did a lot of talking to process my loss. I never tried getting artistic or creative, so I was eager to see what new insights or healing might come from trying something out of my comfort zone. Jennifer is so gentle and an expert guide. I was pleasantly surprised at my discoveries. I was also surprised at the art I was able to create!”


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