JenniferMathews3Founded by Jennifer Mathews, HEart HEALS was created to encourage personal growth and self-discovery in adults and teens coping with issues such as stress, fear, trauma, grief or addiction using abstract painting and the language of color. The results are greater self-awareness, confidence in processing feelings, communicating feelings that they might not have words to express, or even have an awareness of, and the ability to articulate and share their experience and insights with others.

“My professional goal is to assist individuals in finding hope and healing, using my talents as an artist and passion for the recovery process. As an artist, I’ve always been drawn to painting stories of people I see around me, now I’m honored to be able to help people abstractly paint their own stories. They paint stories of grief and loss, struggle and confusion, but also stories of how relationship, love and hope fit into the picture of their lives.”

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