The Healing Power of Art

Being an artist, not a writer, it has been hard for me to embrace the ‘blog’ part of my website.  I would much rather just paint a picture of what I want to say than have to write it down.  Honestly.  But recently a friend, who has been with me on this journey, asked me what it was that thrust me into the world of therapeutic art.  It made me think, and I want to share it with those who visit here and are kind enough to click on the ‘blog’ link to see what I have to say.  In short, this is my story……

I began in graphic arts, working in that field after receiving my BFA in Graphic Arts from UCLA. After taking several years off to raise my 3 sons, I began to study oil painting and I now exhibit my work in a gallery – the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. I also teach private painting classes.

Meanwhile, a member of my family was struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Through this, I was introduced to a whole world of amazing & courageous people who were actively fighting for their lives in recovery. I became absorbed with learning all I could about addiction in its many forms, and the paths to recovery, especially my own path of recovery from codependency.

Art and Recovery – these were two separate worlds for me at the time. Yet, especially as I observed the paintings of my art students, I began to consider the relationship between the two and wonder how I could use my art background to help others, especially those in recovery. As I was exploring this connection, I was introduced to the Art4Healing® program. Through the completion of my certificate in this program, I watched how creativity, spirituality and loving people intersected and found a way to use what I had personally experienced as an artist and teacher to share the transformational power of art. HEart HEALS was born. HEart HEALS workshops combine these interests, helping people dealing with trauma, fear, grief, stress or addiction to process their feelings through abstract painting.

My journey with therapeutic art has been very rewarding and I plan to use this blog to share my discoveries. Have you experienced a powerful connection with art?

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